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News for 2019

This year brings massive professional and personal changes for me as I am on maternity leave (big news #1) until January 2020 when I will start a new position of Assistant Professor at the Université de Sherbrooke (big news #2) in … Continue reading

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Summer 2018 as a postdoc

Overview I am writing this piece for my colleagues that are in their Ph.D. and wondering what it is like to be a postdoc bridging two disciplines (plant and human microbiomes). This post gives a synthesis of what I did … Continue reading

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Anvi’o Workshop in Irvine, California

Where to find Anvi’o: What is Anvi’o: “Anvi’o is an open-source, community-driven analysis and visualization platform for ‘omics data.” (Definition taken directly from the software website) On the 19th-20th of March 2018, I had the chance and privilege of attending … Continue reading

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Microbial Eukaryotes: a Missing Link in Gut Microbiome Studies

New paper in mSystems! This is my first perpective/comment. It was really fun to get the chance to contribute to the special issue on Early-Career Systems Microbiology Scientists.

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Microbiome Keystone Symposia 2018

This week I am enjoying my first international conference on the human microbiome. This transition from plant microbiome to human microbiome has been challenging, I have to absorb an impressive amount of immunology and biochemistry knowledge, which was hidden deep … Continue reading

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Top 10 Découvertes 2017

Texte de Laurie Noreau pour Québec Science Capsule vidéo de Benjamin Turquet pour Québec Science et le Canal Savoir Un grand merci à mes directeurs Steven Kembel et Christian Messier, ainsi qu’à Alain Paquette pour la merveilleuse collaboration qui aura … Continue reading

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The Tree Phyllosphere in Urban Environments

Last week the last paper of my phyllosphere project got published at mSystems. It is fair to say that my publishing journey at this journal was, by far, the best yet. Both reviewers gave us great comments and suggestions, which … Continue reading

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